Monday, January 5, 2009

Book Rentals!!!!

OK all you people on a budget. It's time to wake up and pay attention. Chicklet Books is reviving it's BOOK RENTAL program. Yes, you read that right... BOOK RENTAL PROGRAM!

Years ago we invented this program, and ran it in our Hillsborough store... with great success. Due to the down turn in the economy we thought it would be the PERFECT time to bring it back... this time in our Princeton store. Once settled in we will expand it to our Millstone store.

It works like this: First you need to set up a membership with us. You know... all the mumbo-jumbo where we make you sign your life away... promise us your first born (or largest diamond) if you don't return our precious book to us. We will then give you a very cute and extremely PINK membership card. 

You can decide on one of 2 yearly options... the pay as you go plan where it costs $6 a week to keep the book as long as it takes to read it, or the Monthly plan for you fast readers  where $19.95 a month allows you to take out one book at a time, but as many as you want for the month. 

To save you time, money and gas we have a nifty website to go to and browse our books so you can decide which your next read will be. Feel free to call us and we will cheerfully hold the book for 24 hours. 

Our next newsletter will have all the details you need to sign up, and the secret website to check our inventory. If you haven't signed up to receive our newsletters, shame on you... but feel free to check our website for the current info.

Here's wishing you all a Bright and Shiny New Year!

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